Implementing a Data Rollup from a Console to Empower

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    The purpose of this document is to provide the configuration steps to enable a data rollup from your console to Empower in Protect 9.2.


    This can be very useful if you would like to access data from your Protect console on the go through the Empower cloud. This also will allow you to view Protect data from your Windows PCs along side of data from your Mac machines through Empower.


    You can only roll-up data from your console to either the Empower cloud or another console as is mentioned in this document Implementing A Data Rollup From A Secondary Console To A Primary Console In Protect 9.2. You cannot roll-up data from your console to both at the same time, although the primary console of a data-rollup can receive results then roll these up to the Empower cloud.





    The following steps assume that you have already created a Protect Cloud account and an Empower account. To create these accounts you can simply register at both and with the same email address and password.  Please note that you must use the same login email and password for both your Protect Cloud account and Empower account in order for everything to sync properly.


    You can also view more information about this process here Protect Cloud Synchronization from LANDESK Software on Vimeo.



    1. If you have not already created a credential with your Protect Cloud/Empower login email and password go to Manage > Credentials. Click Add to add your new credential then do the following:

         a. Name your credential.

         b. Enter your Protect Cloud/Empower login email address and password as the User name and Password.

         c. Save these settings. You do not need to share the credential.




    2. Go to Tools > Operations > Protect Cloud Sync. Set the credential that you just created as your Protect Cloud account then click Register this console. After successful registration, you should see the message "The console is registered."


    Register with Protect Cloud1.png


    3. Go to Tools > Operations > Data Rollup, select to enable data rollup, select to send the results to the Protect Cloud, and specify the minutes between sending results. Then make sure to save your configuration.


    Data Rollup Settings2.PNG


    4. Scan your desired machine(s) then check the scan results.


    Scan Results from Console.PNG


    5. Log into your Empower account at and click on the Patch tab. After the specified amount of time between sending results (configured in step 3) you should see the scanned machine(s) listed. You can select any machine and expand the information to view the patches missing on the machine. These results should match up with the results in step 4.


    Scan Results Show In Empower.PNG



    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.2

    Patch for Windows Server 9.3.x

    Shavlik Protect Empower