Shavlik Protect FAQ

Version 6



    This document contains information about concepts within Protect that aren't intuitive, or that many Protect admins ask about frequently


    Machine View vs Machine Groups:


    The machine view is a static interface that presents the most recent information successfully obtained by Shavlik Protect. This information isn't always an accurate representation of the current status of a machine, patches, etc. An explanation of the relationship between Machine Groups and Machine View can be found here: Understanding Machine Groups and the Machines View


    Scheduled Scan vs Scheduled Deployment:


    Scheduled Scans are a Console Task. They use the Microsoft Task Scheduler to schedule a console task for Protect. Conversely, Scheduled Deployments are Remote Tasks. These tasks are scheduled on the target machine by the Shavlik Scheduler or MS Scheduler, depending on what options are selected in Tools > Options > Scheduling. Information on both can be found in these documents:

    How To: Schedule Patch Scans

    Patch Scanning & Deployment Best Practices - Successfully Running Agentless Patch Scans & Deployments


    Scheduler Credential:


    The Scheduler Credential is what the system account will use to run Scheduled Console tasks. The scheduler credential needs to be created and set by the user that the credential refers to. This is so that the system account can later decrypt the credential using the proper information. An overview on Credentials, including Scheduler Credentials, can be found in the following documents:

    Overview on How Credentials Work in Patch for Windows

    How Credentials Work in Patch for Windows


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x