Why Are Some Patches Not Supported for Deployment on Mac Devices in Shavlik Empower?

Version 3



    This document explains why some patches cannot be deployed on Mac devices






    What patch types can be re mediated by a Mac agent?

    • Apple updates and third-party patches can be automatically deployed by the agent. Patches for Apple Store products must be installed manually by the user. The agent assists with this process by providing a dialog that will take the user directly to the Updates section of the Apple Store. From there the user can download and install the missing patches on their own.


    In what situations will remediation not be possible? A Mac agent will be unable to automatically deploy a patch in the following situations:

    • A patch is detect only
    • A patch requires a manual download because it resides behind a vendor logon page
    • A patch is for an Apple Store product
    • An end user license agreement (EULA) must be accepted in order to obtain the patch


    Affected Products


    Shavlik Protect Empower