Dpdtrace Tool Fails to Scan Target Machine With: Could Not Download File (.\Windowspatchdata.Zip) from Uri 'Http://Xml.Shavlik.Com/Data/Windowspatchdata.Zip

Version 4


    This document provides guidance to running a DPDTrace on servers with no internet connectivity or other issues preventing the download of WindowsPatchData.zip data file.  This file is need when using the 9.2 scan engine in the DPDTrace Tool.


    You attempt to run a DPDTrace following the instructions from this document:  DPDTrace Logging Tool Used For Patch Detection Issues

    The DPDTrace fails to scan the target machine with this error in the ErrorA.txt file:  Could not download file (.\WindowsPatchData.zip) from URI 'http://xml.shavlik.com/data/WindowsPatchData.zip


    The DPDTrace tool is unable to download the WindowsPatchData.zip file from the internet.  This could be caused by no internet connection, firewall, proxy or some other setting/device on your network/server.




    Additional Information

    This issue may also be related to DPDTrace Tool Fails To Scan Target Machine With: Could not download file (.\hf7b.xml) from URI 'http://xml.shavlik.com/data/hf7b.xml

    Affected Product(s)


    DPDTrace Tool: DPDTrace command line logging tool used for patch detection issues