Implementing a Data Rollup from a Secondary Console to a Primary Console

Version 10



    The purpose of this document is to provide configuration steps to enable a data rollup from your secondary console(s) to a primary console.


    This can be very useful for obtaining patches from scan results in an offline environment. This process is explained more thoroughly in this document Configuring consoles between a online and offline environment to obtain definitions & patches from a common distribution…. You can also use a data rollup configuration if you would like to manage results from multiple consoles in one location for reporting purposes.


    The following figure illustrates a data rollup console configuration.







    1. On your primary console, make sure the IP address of the primary console is listed in the Console Alias Editor by going to Tools > Console alias editor.  Add the IP address if necessary, then click Update to apply the change. The primary console will close automatically to apply this update.


    Console Alias Editor.PNG


    2. Reopen your primary console, navigate to Tools > Options (Operations in 9.2) > Data Rollup, select 'Accept and import results from a rollup sender' under the Data Rollup Receiver Configuration pane, and save these settings.


    Go to Data Rollup settings on online console.PNG


    3. Go to Tools > Options (Operations in 9.2) > Data Rollup on your secondary console. Under the Data Rollup Sender Configuration section:

         a. Select Enable Data Rollup

         b. Enter in the IP address of the primary console

         c. Enter the port that you would like to use to rollup the data (ensure secondary console can reach the primary console over selected port)

         d. Enter the amount of time that you would like to wait between sending results from the secondary console to the primary console


    Secondary console settings.png


    4. After finishing the configuration in step 3, select Register to bind the secondary console with the primary console for the rollup, select Accept to accept the certificate, then select Save to save this configuration.


    Register Console.PNG


    After implementing this configuration, you will be able to see the results from the secondary console in View > Results of the primary console after the specified amount of time that you set in step 3. You will also be able to report against the results in Tools > Create Report from the Primary Console.


    Scan results.PNG


    Secondary Console Scan Results on Primary Console.PNG



    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.2

    Ivanti Patch for Windows Server 9.3.x