How to Configure and Manually Install a Mac Agent in Empower

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    The purpose of this document is to show how to manually configure and install a Mac Agent in Empower.




    1. After logging into your empower account, navigate to the Configuration tab and click on the "+" sign in the Policies section'

    Click on Policy Tab.PNG


    2. Name your policy and select the Mac Agent Policy for the policy type.

    My Mac Policy.PNG


    3. Configure your new Mac Agent Policy. You can configure the following options:

    • The actions of the agent using the policy.
    • The vendor severity of the patches that the agent will detect.
    • The schedule for the agent to run the task assigned in the policy.

    As is mentioned in the policy, you cannot filter patches by product vendor in Mac Empower Agent policies. A Mac Empower Agent policy will automatically scan for all vendors.


    Mac Policy Configuration.PNG


    4. Select which Mac machines will use the new policy then save the policy.

    Select Computer for Policy.PNG



    5. Select Agent Installers underneath the Configuration tab.

    Select Agent Installers.PNG



    6. Select the Mac Agent Installer for the policy that you created then select to either visit the download page for the installer or share the link to the download page via email.

    Installer Download.PNG



    7. Click the download button and click the downloaded EmpowerMacAgent.dmg file on the client machine. The file will contain the installer and a file containing the activation key (although you do not need to separately activate the Mac agent).

    Download agent installer.png



    8. Run through the steps of the installer. At the end of the installation you should see the message below and will have completed the installation of your Mac agent.

    Installation finished.png


    Affected Product(s)


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