How To: Distribute Agent Check in Times to Minimize Network Bandwidth and Database Usage

Version 5


    Environments with a large number of Agents that share a Policy can experience  network slowness and high database utilization when all the agents check-in at once.  This document explains how to distribute agent check-In times to minimize resource impact during scheduled check-in times


    You can change the overall check-in interval for agents in the agent policy General Settings tab.  The setting is under the Check-in Interval section, Distribute check-ins over (minutes).   Here toy can set the distribution of check-in interval for all the agent using this policy.  The interval will depend on the interval divided by how many agents are assigned to the policy..  Example  120 minutes /  60 machines = Machines will check in 2 minutes apart.



    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x