How to Minimize Impact to Network and Disk Resources During a Mass Agent Upgrade Triggered by a Protect Console Upgrade

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    This document explains how an agent upgrade triggered by a Protect Console Upgrade can impact system wide resources and how to plan an upgrade to minimize the impact.



    Potential System Impact of a Mass Agent Upgrade:


    An upgrade to the Shavlik Protect Console will trigger an upgrade to each agent as each agent checks in. During the upgrade the agents will initiate a check in to the Protect Console and copy the agent install program and new data definition files from the internet or Distribution Server to each agent machine.  If active protection is enabled, the entire catalog of virus definition files is also copied to each agent. This upgrade can cause a strain on network.  Disk utilization can also be impacted if agent are sharing common disk resources such as a Storage Area Network  or Network Attached Storage device.


    Steps to minimize impact: (ideally performed before the Protect upgrade)


    1. Do not initiate a check-in of agent clients from the console and/or update the policy for those machines. This will cause the agents to check-in and upgrade all at once.
    2. Spread out the agent check-in times using the Distribute Check-ins over (minutes) option in the Policy.  Update the policy BEFORE you update Shavlik protect.  (See option 1)
    3. Since there is not a way to Schedule or delay agent updates after Protect is upgraded to a new version, schedule your upgrade at a time when your environment will be impacted the least.


    Additional Information


    Agent Policy Walk Through - General Settings Tab


    Affected Product(s)


    Protect 9.X