Manage > Scheduler Remote Tasks Gives Popup Message When Refreshing or Viewing Machines - Root Element Is Missing

Version 4



    When viewing or refreshing machines under Manage > Scheduler Remote Tasks an error occurs:

    Root element is missing The list of jobs currently scheduled on <machine name> is unreadable




    You click on the Refresh All button in Manage > Scheduled Remote Tasks and the the following error is returned:


    Root element is missing.

    The list of jobs currently scheduled on

    <machine name> is unreadable.





    Protect is attempting to contact the Shavlik scheduler on the remote client on port 5120.  Another product, like the Barracuda Agent, has hijacked port 5120 for it's own use.




    • Change the port of the 'other' product something other than 5120. (recommended)
    • Change the port the used by the Shavlik Scheduler from 5120 to an available port on the target machines.  See How to change the default Scheduler Port
    • Use the Microsoft Scheduler.  You can change over to it be Tools > Options > Scheduler > Scheduling > Microsoft Scheduler.


    Affected Product(s)


    Protect 9.X