Patch Scan Fails with Error Code -1 "(*** ERROR*** in scan thread func UNKNOWN EXCEPTION)"

Version 7



    Patch Scan fails Error Code -1 (*** ERROR*** in scan thread func UNKNOWN EXCEPTION) when using a custom Scan Template.


    ScanEngine.cpp:98 Leaving patchScanEngine::CScanEngine::ThreadAction uncaught exception.

    ScanWorkItem.cpp:457 Failed scan because an error after the scan started - unknown Exception.

    ScanWorkItem.cpp:558 *** ERROR *** in scan thread func UNKNOWN EXCEPTION



    We believe there is an issue in the upgrade process from Protect 9.0/9.1 to Protect 9.2 causing a corruption in customer Scan Templates for a very small percentage of customers. We are tracking down the root cause and will include a fix in a future version of Protect.



    Delete and Remake the Scan Template (Do not just copy the template):

    1. Navigate to the your Templates, we suggest taking screenshots of the Scan Templates you are about to delete.
    2. Right click and delete affected Scan Templates.
    3. On the Shavlik Console toolbar select New > Patch Scan Template...
    4. Recreate desired scanning information using he screenshot(s) as a reference.


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.2