Overview on the Predictive Patch Feature

Version 9



    This is an overview on the Predictive Patch feature available in Shavlik Protect 9.2 and Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers (PWS) 9.3+




    • If the Predictive Patch Download feature is enabled, patches that are likely to be deployed in the near future are automatically downloaded to the patch download directory. The patches will be downloaded immediately following the scheduled download of the core engines and definitions. Downloading patches in advance of their anticipated deployment will help speed the deployment process. This feature is beneficial for agentless deployments and for agents that deploy patches using the services of a distribution server.


    There are two ways to enable Predictive Patch:


    Additional Information


    • The following patches will be downloaded to the console's download directory:
      • Missing patches that were detected by recent scans but that have not yet been downloaded (a recent scan is defined as a patch scan that was performed within the last 45 days)
      • Missing patches for products that Shavlik Protect can deduce are on your target machines
      • New patches that were recently added to the XML patch data file and that apply to products on your target machines
      • New or missing service packs
    • The patches and service packs will be downloaded according to age (the most recent will be downloaded first)
    • The process will download up to 5GB of patches and service packs during a scheduled download session
    • Patches that already exist in the download directory will not be downloaded
    • You can synchronize Predictive Patch with your distribution servers so that they receive copies of the downloaded patches
    • An entry is recorded in Event History every time patches are downloaded to the console by Predictive Patch
    • The patch download is triggered by either a scheduled download of the core engines and definitions or by clicking "Run now" when Core engines/definitions download job is selected
    • If a patch contains different packages for different languages, only those languages supported by your products are downloaded
    • Predictive Patch will not download Software Distribution patches (patches that are actually installation packages for free third-party applications)


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.2

    Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers 9.3+