Empower Sentinel Install - Registration Failure

Version 3



    This document has been created to address issues encountered during the registration of your Empower Sentinel during the initial install.




    When attempting to register the Empower Sentinel during the Sentinel installation you receive the error "Unable to connect to the cloud log on.  Please check your connectivity and retry."






    There are two possible causes to this issue;


    A) The username and password being entered is incorrect

    B) The appropriate URLs and/or ports are not allowed on your firewall or proxy.




    To ensure the username and password you are using is correct navigate to https://empower.shavlik.com/ an attempt to login.  If you are unable to login and would like to reset your password you can do so here: Empower || Password Reset

    After you have verified that your username and password are correct by logging into https://empower.shavlik.com, you will need to ensure that your proxy/firewall rules allow connection to the Empower registration site. In order for Empower to complete its registration during the Sentinel Install it will need to be able to reach https://empowerservices.shavlik.com/v1.0/AgentServices/V81/AgentRegistration.svc over an SSL connection on Port 443.


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Empower