How To: Pause/Disable Scheduled Scans in Protect

Version 3



    In Protect 9.2, admins now have the ability to pause/disable scheduled scans from initiating in the Protect Console. This article describes the process on how to do so.  




    1) Open Shavlik Protect Console.

    2) Navigate to Manage > Scheduled Console Tasks.


    3) Select the job(s) that you would like to pause. Click "Pause/disable" in the toolbar at the top of the window (alternatively, right-click on the task and select the "Pause/disable" option)



    4) To confirm that the task has been paused/disabled, the option to "Pause/disable" will be grayed out and the option to "Enable" it will now become available.

    NOTE: You must enable the scheduled task for it to continue its reoccurring schedule.



    Additional Information


    This feature only works for scheduled scans and not scheduled deployments.


    Affected Product(s)

    Protect 9.2