Selecting The Remove Temp Files feature In The Deployment Template Does Not Remove Old Patches On A Target Machine

Version 5



    This document will discuss the purpose for the deployment template's Remove temp files feature in Protect and how to remove all old patches on your target machine.





    You select the Remove temp files feature under the General tab in your deployment template, but previous patches are not deleted from the C:Windows\Propatches\Patches folder on your target machine.


    Remove Temp Files Checked.PNG


    Before Deployment.PNG





    The Remove Temp Files feature in Protect is designed to remove patches from the C:Windows\Propatches\Patches subdirectory for the current deployment. Therefore if the patches in the C:Windows\Propatches\Patches subdirectory are not from the current deployment, they will not be removed by this feature.



    Browse to the C:Windows\Propatches\Patches subdirectory on your target machine and delete all of the patches in that subdirectory. Then, if the Remove temp files feature is checked under the General tab of your deployment template, each deployments' patches will be removed after that deployment.


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      This article only concerns Protect version 9.1, in Protect 9.2 patches are removed every 180 days after the patch was deployed.

    Protect 9.2 does not longer removes the patches from \Propatches\Patches. When 'Remove temp files' option is checked, it only removes temporary files used during the deployment.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.1