Windows 10 Cumulative Updates Are Not Discovered When Searching by Bulletin Id in Shavlik Protect

Version 6


    This document will show how to find certain Windows 10 updates in Shavlik Protect when they cannot be discovered by the Microsoft assigned bulletin ID.



    Cumulative updates for Windows 10 are not discovered when searching for them by Bulletin ID in View > Patches in Shavlik Protect.

    For example: Microsoft update MS15-125 is not discovered in the search shown below.


    MS15-125 will not show.PNG


    Patches such as MS15-125 are included in cumulative updates, we give them a Shavlik bulletin ID that will reflect the cumulative nature of the update. For instance, Bulletin ID MS15-125 is given the Bulletin ID CSWU-016 in Shavlik Protect.

    CSWU-016 in Shavlik Protect.PNG


    Search for updates using the Q/KB number rather than the bulletin ID number in View > Patches. You can find the Q\KB number of the desired patch by going to the knowledge base article for the Microsoft assigned bulletin ID.

    For example: KB3116869 was found at by searching online for Bulletin ID MS15-125.

    Search by KB rather than Bulletin ID.PNG

    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x