Initiating a Task with an Off-Network Protect Cloud Agent

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    The purpose of this article is to show how to initiate a task (Patch, Asset, or Threat) with a Protect Cloud Agent that is currently off of the network and unable to communicate with the console (communication only via the Protect Cloud server).




    Follow the steps below on how to initiate the Protect Cloud agent task:


    Console Instructions

    1) Make sure the target machine has a Protect Agent installed and that you have a policy synced with the Protect Cloud. For more information on how to do that, see the following: How To Install And Use A Protect Cloud Agent


    2) If the target machine has a Protect Cloud Agent policy assigned to it already and no configuration changes have been made to the policy, skip to step 4 below. If there has been a policy change, or you have a policy that was not enabled with the Protect Cloud sync, proceed to step 3.


    3) Ensure that your Agent Policy's General Settings tab has (1) under "Allow the User to, Perform manual operations checked, (2) under Network, Sync with the Protect Cloud checked, and (3) you saved your changes to the Agent Policy.


    4) Navigate to Tools > Operations > Protect Cloud Sync. Click on Force full update now. This forces the updated agent policy changes to the Shavlik Protect Cloud server.


    5) Once you have clicked Force full update now you should see A full update has been requested. Examine 'Event history' to see the result pop up on the Operations Monitor.



    6) Navigate to View > Event History. Drop down the "Protect Cloud Sync Events" under the Event Type column and select your most recent date/time stamp with the "Full policy sync to the Protect Cloud" under the Name column.

    NOTE: Make sure all steps in the even history below show successful. If they do not, make sure that you can access the site from the console before proceeding.


    7) Once all steps are successful in Event History, then the Protect Cloud server has the updated policy change. At this point, you will need to contact the individual who is in charge of the target machine that you wish to run the agent task with. They will need to proceed with the instructions from this moment forward.

    Protect Cloud Agent (Target Machine) Instructions

    8) Target machine user needs to press (Windows key +R) to bring up the Run GUI. Type in: C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect Agent\STAgentUI and click OK.

    9) Once the Shavlik Protect Agent GUI pops up, the user will need to click on the System tab in the lower-left hand corner and then select Perform Agent check-in. Since the target machine is off of the network, the agent will perform a check-in to the Protect Cloud server at this time and will download the change in the Agent policy.

    NOTE: Protect Cloud Agent machine will need to have internet access and the ability to access the


    10) Once the agent has successfully checked in, the updated policy should now be on the agent and the user may select either the Patch, Asset, or Threat tabs from the lower left hand corner. Once they have selected the correct tab, they will be able to perform the intended Agent task that the console user needed.


    NOTE: Once the task has successfully been performed, the results of the task will be updated to the Protect Cloud server at the Agent's next scheduled check-in. Results from the Protect Cloud server to the Protect Console machine will not be immediate and will take time to update and reflect the accurate information on the target machine's results.


    Additional Information


    Once a Protect Cloud agent machine becomes available again on the network, initiating agent tasks can be performed like a normal agent task procedure. For more information, follow the following article:


    Affected Product(s)

    Protect 9.x