The ST Remote Scheduler Service Is Disabled On The Protect Console Server After Upgrading To Protect 9.2

Version 4



    This document will explain why the ST Remote Scheduler service is disabled on the Protect server after upgrading from 9.x to 9.2.  It will also provide instructions on how to remove the ST Remote Scheduler Service from the Services view.




    The ST Remote Scheduler service in Services fails to start on the Protect server with the following error:


    "Windows could not start the ST Remote Scheduler Service service on Local Computer. Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified"




    The ST Remote Scheduler service on the Protect server is no longer used to schedule jobs. The Microsoft Task Scheduler is used to schedule non-deployment tasks like patch scans.


    Please note: It is still, however, used on target machines for deployments.




    As long as your Protect 9.2 console can schedule jobs using the Microsoft Task Scheduler service, things are working by design and there is no need for further troubleshooting.  You can verify this by scheduling a scan and then looking in Manage > Scheduled Console Tasks in Protect.


    You can manually remove the ST Remote Scheduler service from the Services view by performing the following:


    1) In an elevated Command Prompt, type the following: sc delete stschedex

    2) The command will return a success and a refresh in Services will verify ST Remote Scheduler is no longer on the list.

    Affected Product(s)

    Protect 9.2