How To: Reboot Target Machines with Using the Custom Actions Patch Type in a Custom Scan Template

Version 4


    This document shows you how to reboot a target machine using the Custom Actions patch type in a custom Scan Template. This may be helpful to customers who do not have Power Management enabled in their Protect license key.



    1. Create a Scan Template with the Custom Actions patch type enabled under Patch Properties. Scan results from this Scan Template will show a Shavlik created patch MSST-001 (nullpatch.exe) as missing.  This allows a reboot without having to deploy a real patch (the patch associated with this item does not install anything on the target systems).

      • Navigate  to New > Patch Scan Template and create a Patch Scan Template as the following example. (Deselect all other patches except for Custom Actions and Save.)

    Image 012.png

    2. Scan the target machines you wish to reboot using this patch Scan Template.

    3. MSST-001 will show missing, right-click on the missing patch and choose Deploy > Selected Patches.

    Image 016.png

    4. You can use the Standard Deployment Template, but there are other option a new Deployment Template may offer.  In Deployment Configuration page, select to create a New Deployment Template. In Post-deploy Reboot tab, select "Always reboot after deployment" and Save. You may customize any settings if needed.

    Image 017.png

    Image 018.png

    5. Back on Deployment Configuration page, choose a Deployment Template. You may Install Immediately which will reboot the target server right away or Schedule at a particular time to be rebooted. Click Deploy(machines will reboot) so the target machines will reboot immediately or at the scheduled time.

    Image 013.png

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    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.X