Agent Status Message: "Agent didn't respond"

Version 6



    When trying to send a command to an Agent from the Console you receive the response: "Agent didn't respond"



    Possible Causes


    1) Are you able to ping the Agent Machine. Is it on your network still and turned on?


    2) Are the proper ports open. The Agent machine needs to have port 4155 open to listen for commands from the Console and the Console needs to have port 3121 open to recieve the response back from the Agent.
               To test this you can use Telnet:

               Using Telnet to Test Ports


    3)  Ensure that DNS resolution is working correctly when contacting the Protect console system. From the client system run the following commands. The results should match up.

                nslookup consolemachinename
                nslookup consoleIPaddress


    4) Is your Agent able to resolve the names in your Console Alias Editor. If needed update the Console Alias Editor by adding the IP Address, NetBios and FQDN. To do this in Protect go to Tools>Console Alias Editor and add the Alias needed. Then manually have your Agent check-in to update it.



    5. Is the time on your Agent Machine within 2 minutes of the time on the Console. If the times are not synced they will not communicate because of trust issues by not being able to verify the certificates.


    Additionally the following entry can be found in the STAgentUpdater.log:


    Error detail:

    The server returned a security fault: 'An error was discovered processing the <wsse:Security> header'.


    This normally indicates the time/date is incorrect on the agent machine.


    Affected Products

    Shavlik Protect