How To: Check Your Shavlik Patch Subscription

Version 2


    The purpose of this document is to provide information on how to check your Shavlik Patch/SCUP subscription.


    To check your subscription log on at Shavlik Protect Cloud Portal. From there, navigate to the Shavlik Patch Tab.

    Here you should see the date through which your subscription is valid, like below. You should also see the full Shavlik cabs with the date of the most recent release.

    Shavlik Patch.PNG

    Additional Information

    If there are any discrepancies in what you see in the Protect Cloud and what you expect please contact support at Login | Shavlik Login Service .


    Affected Product(s)

    System Center Update Publisher (SCUP)

    Shavlik Patch Plugin 2.0.574.0

    Shavlik Patch Plugin 2.1.801.0