Error 808: No Disks Specified To Mount Troubleshooting

Version 3



    The purpose of this document is to show how to troubleshoot the Error: 808 when scanning Virtual Machines (VMs) in a Machine Group.




    1) In a scan result in the Operations Monitor, you receive the 808 number under the Error Code column as shown below:

    pic02154 (1).jpg




    The 808 error code means that Shavlik could not get a return code from the VM mounting tool when mounting the hard drive at '%s' to drive '%c' due to '%s'. What this ultimately means is that the virtual image mounting process completed but the mount process was unable to determine if the mounting was successful. This usually happens if this is your first time scanning VMs that are Hosted Virtual Machines and they have recently been created/added in the Machine Group.




    To resolve the issue, the easiest thing will be to:


    1) Delete the affected Machine Group.

    2) Go to Manage > Credentials and delete the browse credentials for the Hosted Virtual Machines.

    3) Add the browse credentials for the Hosted Virtual Machines in Credential Manager.

    4) Go to New > Machine Group and click on the Hosted Virtual Machines tab.

    5) Right-click on the Host and select Refresh Server. If needed, assign the Credentials you placed in Step 3.

    6) Add the Virtual Machines you wish to scan with the new Browse Credentials you placed in Step 3.

    7) Save the Machine Group and scan. Scans of the Virtual Machines should be successful.


    Additional Information


    For more scan error codes, please refer to this document: Troubleshooting Shavlik Protect Patch Scan Error Messages


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x