Console Scheduler Credential - The Selected Console Scheduler Credentials Does Not Match The Current User's Account. Please Enter A Shared Credential Matching The Current Account.

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    This document will explain why you are seeing a popup message:


    The selected Console Scheduler credential does not match the current user's account. Please enter a shared credential matching the the current account.





    You will receive the error depicted below if you do not have valid shared credentials set for the 'Scheduled Console Tasks scheduler'.  In Protect 9.2, you must create then set your currently logged on user account (the account you use to log into the Protect server) in Manage > Scheduled Console Tasks > Set Scheduler Credentials.




    1. Navigate to Manage > Credentials create a new entry for your currently logged on credentials.  Make sure to check-mark: 'Share this with background tasks, Agent, and other feature'.

    2. Navigate to Manage > Scheduled Console Tasks and click on 'Set scheduler credentials...'.  Choose the credentials you created and click 'Assign'.

    3. You may see the following popup informing you of possible further steps if other administrators log into the Protect server with their own accounts.


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