Filter Patches With Text File

Version 1


    This document will provide instructions on how to filter specific patches using a text file, as well as additional information about this feature.


    • The link to file is used in replacement to patch groups.


    • Linking to a file gives you the ability to add patches using the Q number, which can make creating filters a lot simpler than having to search for the patches in View > Patches or in the patch groups. Each Q number must be on it's own line.


    • You can use a UNC file path for the file, so it can be stored anywhere on the network.
    • Another benefit to use a file to filter patches is that once the file is updated and saved those changes are reflected in the scan results.
    • You can easily add new Q numbers from anyway the text file can be accessed.




    1. Create a text file to reference, either outside of Protect or within a Patch Scan Template by clicking the New button in the "Patch filter settings".
    2. Add the desired Q numbers, making sure each one is on it's own line.
    3. If created outside of Protect select an existing scan template or create a new one for use.
    4. Select whether you want to scan selected or skip selected.
    5. From there, link the file in the Patch Scan Template in the "Patch filter settings" section.
    6. Save the template.
    7. Scan and verify results.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x