Understanding Detection And Deployment Logic For MS15-065

Version 2


    This document explains how Shavlik handles the detection and deployment of MS15-065 3065822 and 3074886.  This will help explain why when you you perform a Security Patch scan and it only shows 3065822 missing when you expect 3074886 to also be detected as missing.



    The following is from the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-065 - Critical

    Note For Download Center customers: If you download and install updates manually, you must first install update 3065822 before installing update 3074886. Failure to follow the install order or failure to install 3074886 after installing 3065822 can lead to degraded functionality.

    Due to this, Shavlik Protect will detect the prerequisite patch 3065822 missing and allow you to deploy it.  After the install and reboot occurs you will need to scan the machine a second time. The remaining MS15-065 patch 3074886 will show as missing and can be deployed.  This is  the expected behavior from Protect.


    Affected Product

    Shavlik Protect: 9.X