Workaround For A Deployment Issue With GoToMeeting Update GOTOM-001 (QGTM7182553)

Version 3



    The purpose on this document is to provide information and a possible workaround for deployment issues caused by including GoToMeeting Update GOTOM-001 (QGTM7182553) in your deployment.


    The GoToMeeting download URL contains a '&' character in it.  This causes an issue in the current versions of Protect when we pass the URL via XML to Protect to build the deployment files.  This results in the entire patch deployment failing at the 'Building Deployment Files" which can be viewed in the Deployment Tracker.



    This issue will only happen when using 'Use Vendor As Backup Source' is enabled in the Deployment Template used in the Deployment.  Here are possible workarounds:


    • Uncheck 'Use Vendor As Backup Source' in the Deployment Template used in the Deployment.
    • Deploy GoToMeeting Update GOTOM-001 (QGTM7182553) separately from your other patches using a Standard Deployment Template.
    • Create a backup Distribution Server on the Protect console server and use it as the backup instead of the Vendor.  We suggest sharing the C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Console\DataFiles and using this as the download location for patches.  You can change the location of the download folder in Tools > Operations > Download.  This way the patches and content data files are in one location on the Protect server saving space.  This also makes creating a Distribution Server on the Protect console more efficient since syncs to this Distribution would not be need.

    Affected Product(s)

    Protect 9.x