How To: Verify That the Shavlik Patch Catalog Version Is Current

Version 4


    The data files in the Shavlik Patch Software Catalog contain the latest detection and deployment logic as well as vendor download location URL's for all available third party patches.

    An out-of-date catalog is the cause for numerous errors when attempting to publish a Third-Party Update through the Shavlik Patch plugin. This document explains how to verify the most current Catalog Version is being used.



    Visit to view the date of the latest update.

    Select the Shavlik Patch plugin under the Software Updates folder in the System Center Configuration Manager Console and choose Settings from top button or right-click on the Shavlik Patch icon and select Settings.

    Select the "About" tab.  The Catalog Version number and creation date is Shown.

    Compare the creation date of the Catalog Version with the latest date shown at



    Affected Product(s)


    All versions of Shavlik Patch