How to Verify You Are Using A Code Signing Certificate

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    You receive the following error when attempting to publish content:

    Publish: Exception occurred during publishing:
    "Verification of file signature failed for file: \\<serverName>\UpdateServicesPackages\<AppName_abf10b91-bfa6-44ff-aa54-099e4bf1487d\"


    You may also see this error:
    "Exception occurred during publishing: Verification of the signature failed for file" for each of the updates attempted.


    The WSUS certificate added to Trusted Publishers Store and the Trusted Root Certification Authorities Store were not Code Signing certificates.


    1. Navigate to Start and type MMC in the run box, this will open Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

    2. Click File and choose Add/Remove Snap-in, highlight Certificates and click Add. Select Computer account and then click Next

    3. Expand Certificates, expand Trusted Root Certification Authorities, click on certificates

    4. Find your certificate and double click on it

    5. Click on the Details Tab then find "Enhanced Key Usage", it will show Code Signing


    Example of Code Signing Certificate


    Example of Non-Code Signing certificate


    If your Certificate  does not state it is a Code Signing certificate you will need to either create one with Shavlik Patch or have your CA create one.


    Please refer to the Shavlik Patch guide


    If you are in fact using a Code Signing Certificate please refer to this document

    Exception Occurred During Publishing: Verification of File Signature Failure



    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Patch