How To: Deploy a Service Pack to Multiple Machines

Version 6



    This document explains how to schedule a service pack deployment to multiple machines at a time using an Agent-Less Deployment model.




    On the Protect Console, highlight multiple machines in the Machines view under View>Machines. Right click on one of the Service Packs Missing in the the pane Below. In the resulting menu, select Deploy>Service Pack and choose the desired level of Service Pack. It is not possible to select multiple Service Packs for deployment in one scheduled deployment.




    Additional Information


    For more information on the process for deploying service packs to agentless machines see Deploying_service_packs in the Shavlik Protect Online Help

    This document describes the process for deploying service packs to multiple agentless machines. For information on deploying Service packs to agent-based machines, see Using a Service Pack Group

    in the  Shavlik Protect Online Help

    Affected Product(s)


    Protect 9.X