Scanning A Remote Machine With Protect Fails With Error 200, Although All Scanning Prerequisites Are Met.

Version 2



    When performing a scan you receive the scan error code 200 "Machine not found. Verify that the machine is on the network and that the hostname or IP is correct.", however all scanning requirements are met. (Agentless Patch Scanning Prerequisites)



    You will see a similar error in the hf.log.

    MachineSelector.cpp:502 MS_NO_ERROR changed to 200

    DBOutput.cpp:53 Start output of one machine (DB)

    DBOutput.cpp:71 Reason [200]

    DBOutput.cpp:97 Complete.

    ScanWorkItem.cpp:452 All is not well TestNetBIOS15-character-limit-Shavlik-Case()




    This error is caused due to a machine name being longer than 15 characters. Windows NetBIOS has a 15 character limit and when a machine name is longer than 15 characters Windows truncates the NetBIOS name to be 15 characters. The issue is that Shavlik 9.0 uses DNS to resolve the machine and NetBIOS to connect to the machine. Essentially when it resolves the machine name to the IP than attempts to connect to the machine, NetBIOS does not match the given machine name and therefore gives the error 200 indicating the machine could not be found.




    To correct this issue you can:

    1) Upgrade to the latest 9.1 build. In 9.1 it will use only the IP address if the NetBIOS name is too long.    

    2) Use the IP address in the Machine Group.

    3) Change the machine name to be under 15 characters.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect All Versions