What Is The Difference Between The Security Patch Scan And The WUScan Default Patch Scan Templates

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    This document explains the usage of Predefined Patch Scan Templates and the differences between the Security Patch Scan and the WUScan Default Patch Scan Templates



    Security Patch Scan and WUScan are the predefined patch scanning templates provided with Shavlik Protect. The predefined templates cannot be modified. Both predefined templates do the following:

    • Use data from the patch data XML file
    • Allow the scanner engine to scan 64 machines simultaneously
    • Report on all installed and missing patches


    The primary differences between the templates are:

    • Security Patch Scan: Scans for missing and installed security patches. This is the default scan template.
    • WUScan: Scans for missing and installed security patches and non-security patches.

    Additional Information


    See Understanding The Different 'Types' Of Patches Within Protect for explanations of the Security and Non-Security patch type descriptions


    Affected Product(s)


    Protect 9.X