Installing Agents Using Passphrase Authentication

Version 4



    The purpose of this document is to outline the process for installing an agent using passphrase authentication. Enabling this will require users installing an agent to specify a matching passphrase during the manual agent installation process.




    Passphrase authentication is best used when individuals without administrative credentials will be manually installing agents. For example, in large organizations it may not be feasible for one administrator to manually install agents on hundreds of different machines. Specifying a passphrase allows individuals to install agents on their own machines without the need for console credentials.




    1. To enable the passphrase you must navigate to Tools>Options within the Console.





    2. Within the 'Options' window navigate to the 'Agent' tab and check the box to 'Enable passphrase in manual Agent installations' and enter a passphrase that will be used for manual agent installations. The passphrase can be any number of words or characters and is case-sensitive.




    3. Once the passphrase has been set. You may launch the STPlatformUpdater.exe on the agent machine. Upon launch the agent installer will ask how you would like to register the agent. Please select the option 'I have a direct connection to the Console'.




    4. Within the next screen of the installation, please input your Console name, port and select the 'Shared Passphrase' authentication type and select the 'Get Policy List' button and choose the agent policy you wish to assign. Then select 'Register'




    5. Registration should be successful and your agent should now be active on the machine.






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    Shavlik Protect 9.x