Java 7 Upgrade To Java 8 Published Patch Guide

Version 2


    The purpose of this article is to go over how to get the Java 7 Upgrade to Java 8 software update to show in 'All Software Updates' for publishing in SCCM.


    1) Open SCCM. Navigate to Software Library > Shavlik Patch.

    2) Publish the Software Upgrade patches for Java 7 to Java 8 by going to 'Software Upgrades' and click the check-box under "Selected' for each patch. Next click on 'Publish 2 updates' button next to 'Filter'.


    3) Select your settings when the 'Publish selected updates window pops up. Click 'OK'. The selected software upgrades will now show in 'Published Third-Party Updates'.

    (NOTE: The 'Some of the selected updates may not synchronize. Click for details.' hyperlink will show. This hyperlink is explained in this article: Updates Published Using Shavlik Patch Are Not Showing up in 'All Software Updates')


    4) Perform a sync by right-clicking on 'All Software Updates'.

    (NOTE: This is a full sync, it will take a long time.)


    5) Wait for the sync to complete. Then navigate to Administration > Site Configuration > Sites. For the SCCM site, right-click on the site and navigate to Configure Site Components > Software Update Point.


    6) Click on 'Classifications' and make sure 'Security Updates' and 'Update Rollups' are checked.


    7) Click on 'Products' and make sure 'Software Upgrades' is checked. This will also check 'Upgrade'.


    8) Perform another sync as noted in Step 4.

    9) You should be able to see the patches in 'All Software Updates' now. (NOTE: You may have to close SCCM and re-open to see it listed.)

    Additional Information


    The Software Upgrades In Shavlik Patch Have A Classification Of "Update Rollups" In SUP


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center