Upgrading Protect Fails With 'Error 2: The System Cannot Find The File Specified.'

Version 2



    You receive a popup error when attempting to upgrade Shavlik Protect.


    Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified.




    This error is caused when the Protect installation in unable to locate the necessary data files within the data file directory of Shavlik Protect.  Customers who run Protect in an internet disconnected network have encountered this issue when the .CAB files were missing from the DataFiles folder. 

    The log snippet below indicates the upgrade is attempting to extract the Protect.manifest.xml from the Protect.manifest.cab file, but the .CAB is missing from the DataFiles folder.

    CabExtracter.cpp:69 Extracting Protect.manifest.xml to C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\9620bc4e13834427baea0160a8385aa5

    CabExtracter.cpp:53 Extracted C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\9620bc4e13834427baea0160a8385aa5 from C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\8fb7863b36e14909bc2bc0a72e439cf1

    PatchInstaller.cpp:486 class STWin32::CWin32Exception at File.cpp:43: Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified.




    The resolution is to ensure that all necessary data files are extracted to theC:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Console\DataFiles folder. Links for all needed data files for the corresponding product version and instructions for manually downloading these files can be found in this link:

    How To: Manually Updating Patch Data Files for Shavlik Protect


    The alternative workaround would be to install the previous version of Protect, download the full install of Shavlik Protect and point it to the previous database. Since this install includes the data files the error should not be encountered.


    Additional Information

    Although this error shows up in a dialog box with "Protect 7.5 Patch" this has nothing to do with a partial installation/a previous version.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x