Console Hangs When Selecting A Machine In View > Machines

Version 4



    The purpose of this document is to troubleshoot an issue that comes up when someone selects a machine after going to View > Machines.




    The console will hang and become unresponsive before it needs to be shut down and restarted. This will happen once a machine is selected from the Machine View. There will be no errors in any logs because the console will not reach a point where it crashes to log the error.




    There can be multiple causes for the issue:


    1) Database Resources were exceeded because SQL Express can only handle 1 virtual Socket and 4 cores. To resolve this issue, follow this article: Configuring Virtual CPUs To Optimize Performance With SQL Server Express And Shavlik Protect

    2) The download patch directory is over 20GB in size and needs to be cleaned up. To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.




    1) Open up the Shavlik console that is attached to the Agent.

    2) Go to Manage > ITScripts.


    3)  Highlight the 'Console Clean Up' script under the 'Maintenance' Category and then select 'Approve'.

    NOTE: This script deletes patches and deployment files that are older than the specified ages (default 180 days) since they were created or downloaded.


    4) Once the ITScript has been approved. Close out of the 'Manage ITScripts' window and navigate to Tools > Run Console ITScripts.


    5) This will bring up the Run ITScripts window. Select the 'Console Clean Up' script from the drop-down box (default if it is the only one approved) and click Continue.

    NOTE: There are two different parameters with this ITScript.

    • deploymentAge (removes files from the DataFiles\Installs directory that are older than the number of days specified)
    • patchAge (removes files from the Patches directory (as specified in Tools > Downloads > Patch Download directory that are older than the number of days specified))    

              If you want to change the 180 day parameters for either the deploymentAge or the patchAge:

                   1) Select the parameter.

                   2) Click the 'Edit' button.

                   3) Select the value to remove files from the specified directory that are older than the number of days. (This is for the number of days that the file has been sitting in the specified directory NOT how old the patch is.)


    6) Confirm the target machine affected and then select when you want the script to run and then click on Run.


    7) Once the run has completed, verify that patches have been cleaned up based on the parameters specified above within the Patches directory (Default: C:\Windows\ProPatches\Patches or as specified in Tools > Downloads > Patch Download directory)

    8) Go to View > Machines and then select a machine and the issue should now be resolved.


    Additional Information


    • This may happen because the Protect console is trying to assess what patches within the Patches directory have been applied to the machines and if the folder is at a large capacity, the console will hang.
    • This may also happen when anything is selected within the View menu.  


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x