Deployment Fails With Error: Found 0 Identity Certificates When Only One Was Expected

Version 7


    This document provides information on how to resolve the error "Found 0 identity certificates when only one was expected" when attempting to deploy patches




    You receive the following error when trying to deploy patches

    Found 0 identity certs.PNG

    Also see the following error in the ST.TaskScheduler.Manged.log or the ST.Protect.Manged.log


    ThreadPoolJob.cs:260|System.InvalidOperationException: Found 0 identity certificates when only one was expected at ST.CA.ConsoleCertificateManager.GetIssuingCertificate()




    Shavlik Protect is not able to identify valid certificates to use.




      If you delete the console certificate any agents currently installed will need to be reinstalled or they will not be able to communicate with the console and will eventually uninstall themselves after not being able to check in after 45 days


    Option 1:  Renew the certificates for Protect via the STMgmt.exe by following this document Test And Renew Patch For Windows Console Certificates

    Option 2:  If renewing the certificate doesn't work then you will need to uninstall Protect, delete the current console certificates and then reinstall Protect to create new certificates.


    1.    Open a command prompt by clicking the Windows button and typing 'CMD'.



    2.    Within the command prompt type in 'MMC'.




    3.    Navigate to File>Add Remove Snap-in.




    4.    Select Certificates from the Available snap-ins and click 'Add'.




    5.    Choose Computer Account and click 'Next'.




    6.    Choose Local Computer and click 'Finish'




    7.    Click 'OK' within the Add or Remove Snap-ins dialog box. You should now see 'Certificates (Local Computer)' within the 'Selected snap-ins'.




    8.    Expand 'Certificates', navigate to Personal>Certificates and click on the certificate issued by 'ST Root Authority and delete it


    9.    Expand 'Certificates', navigate to Trusted Root Certification Authorities>Certificates and click on the certificate issued by 'ST Root Authority and delete it



    Affected Products

    Shavlik Protect All Versions