You've Exceeded The Number Of Deployment Seats (XXX) Permitted By Your License

Version 9



    This document explains the causes of the "Maximum number of machines allowed by license exceeded" error and how issues related to the error can be resolved




    The following errors occur during a deployment attempt when Shavlik Protect detects that a deployment license seat is not available for a target server:


    You may see the following messages:


    • You've exceeded the number of deployment seats (XXX) permitted by your license.
    • Your license does not support deployment of this patch.  Deployment licenses exceeded
    • Maximum number of machines allowed by license exceeded. Contact your sales representative to extend your license. Error Code 297






    • The number of machines receiving deployments in the last 45 days has exceeded the number of license seats purchased.  Please refer to the documentHow To: Managing License Seat Usage with Shavlik Protect
    • There are instances when license exceeded errors occur and the Licensed Capabilities under Help > About Shavlik Protect still show that seats are available. The usual cause of this scenario is that a deployment to a Server Operating System machine is being attempted when the Server License count has been exceeded and only workstation licenses are available. In very rare instances, the license count in the Shavlik Protect database is incorrect and intervention from Shavlik support is required.




    • If additional licenses need to be purchased, contact sales at 1-800-690-6911 option 2
    • If a machine has been retired or renamed within 45 days of the last patch deployment, contact support support at 1-800-690-6911 Option 3 to discuss options.
    • If server licenses are available and the license exceeded message is still being received, contact support at 1-800-690-6911 Option 3 to troubleshoot.


    Affected Product(s)


    Protect 9.X