Temp Folder Fills Up With Small Files Troubleshooting

Version 2


    The purpose of this article is to discuss how to clean up the Temp folder in the \\localdisk\Windows\Temp directory.

    NOTE: This mainly happens when using the Shavlik Protect Agent Antivirus (Vipre) fills up the Temp folder with SBS files. (http://kwsupport.com/2015/01/vipre-creating-thousands-of-sbs_stdrl-temp-files/)


    To delete the files in the Temp folder:

    1) Open up the Shavlik console that is attached to the Agent.

    2) Go to Manage > ITScripts.


    3)  Highlight the 'Remove Temp Files' script under the 'Maintenance' Category and then select 'Approve'.


    4) Once the ITscript has been approved. Close out of the Manage ITScripts window and navigate to View > Machines.


    5) Select the machine affected and then right-click and highlight 'ITScripts' and then click on 'Run script...'.


    6) This will bring up the Run ITScripts window. Select the 'Remove Temp Files' script from the drop-down box (default if it is the only one approved) and click Continue.


    7) Confirm the target machine affected and then select when you want the script to run and then click on Run.


    Additional Information

    ITScripts Requirements

    If this in regards to Vipre filling up the Temp folder with SBS files, the suggested practice is to make sure that Shavlik Protect Agents have the latest Threat Definition data.

    To enable this, follow the guide outlined in this article: How To Schedule Automatic Definition Downloads

    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x