How To: Initiate an Asset Scan from a Machine Group

Version 7



    How to Initiate an Asset Scan From a Machine Group.




    1. In the Machine Groups pane select the desired machine group.
    2. Within the machine group dialog click Run Operation


    1. On the Run Operation dialog select when you want the scan to run and which asset scan template you want to use.
    2. On the Run Operation dialog click either Scan Now or Schedule.
    • Scan now: This is the button name if Now is your selected scheduling option. A scan of all machines in the machine group will begin immediately. The Operations Monitor is used to track the progress of the asset scan..
    • Schedule: This is the button name if Once or Recurring is your scheduling option. See Monitoring a Scheduled Asset Scan for details.


    You can review the results of the asset scan using:


    Protect 9.1

    Protect 9.2


    Additional Information


    Other methods to initiate a Asset scan can be found in the Shavlik Help under:


    Affected Product(s)


    Protect 9.X