The Software Upgrades In Shavlik Patch Have A Classification Of "Update Rollups" In SUP

Version 3



    This document provides information about a requirement to be able to successfully utilize the 'Software Upgrades' available in Shavlik Patch.



         Above: Example of the 'Software Upgrades' that are now available in Shavlik Patch. (Plug-in only, not available when publishing via SCUP)




    If you can successfully publish the 'Software Upgrades', but they are not showing up within All Software Updates after synchronizing WSUS/SCCM you most likely need to verify the requirement shown in the resolution below.




    The Software Upgrades have a classification of 'Update Rollups' within the SUP (Software Update Point). This needs to be enabled.


    The Shavlik content team chose this classification so that these updates are fully unique and unable to "Auto-publish" with Shavlik Patch to help prevent any accidental auto-upgrade of any version of Java 7u6 and after.




    Enable 'Update Rollups' within the SUP for SCCM.


    To do this:

    • In SCCM, go to the Administration section.
    • Expand Site Configuration, then click on Sites.
    • Right click on the site, then go to Configure Site Components > Software Update Point.


    • In the Software Update Point Component Properties you will need to ensure that 'Update Rollups' is checked.



    Additional Information


    For additional information about requirements for Shavlik Patch, see the User Guide.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center