Recurring Scheduled Tasks Fail After Password Change

Version 3




    Recurring Scheduled Tasks are failing after password for the user specified in  "User to run as" was changed in Active Directory.

    The "User to run as" field is found in Job Properties under Manage>Scheduled Tasks

    The Scheduled Tasks log tab shows a status 1326 when the task was last attempted.

    The ST.Activation.managed.SYSTEM@NT AUTHORITY log shows the following error:

    "Failed to check access to 'xxx.x.x.x', error: 1326".

    System error code 1326 signifies "Logon failure: The user name or password is incorrect."    This error code may also display as "ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE" or as the value 0x52E.




    In the Properties of a Recurring Scheduled Task, the value in the "User to run as" field and its accompanying password are static and cannot be changed. When the permissions on the target are changed, the recurring task is unusable to scan and deploy the changed target.




    New recurring tasks must be created for target machines that are affected by jobs that use outdated credentials.


    Additional Information

    When a password is changed for a user in Active Directory, the change also must be made under the credential for that user under Manage>Credentials.  The user name in the "User to run as" field  is obtained from the credential information in the Machine Group used to initially schedule the task.


    Affected Product(s)


    Protect 9.X