Error: "The Scan Has No Partial Results. Please Wait Until There Is at Least One Machine Below."

Version 6



    The purpose of this article is to resolve "The scan has no partial results. Please wait until there is at least one machine below." error that can occur after successfully scanning a group of target machines and seen within the results view.




    After successfully scanning, when reviewing complete results, the user sees that there is no machine view down below and the system will tell the user it is coming up with an error of "The scan has no partial results. Please wait until there is at least one machine below." There will be no machines from the target scan listed to be able to see what the scan results were. The scan also takes a very long time to complete (even for a small amount of target machines to scan), but will eventually finish.




    The Shavlik Protect Console service either needs to be restarted or incorrect credentials to the SQL database have been inputted and not tested.




    1. Close out of the Shavlik Protect Console.

    2. Go to Start, and type in Services. Click on the Services application.

    No Partial Results Error1.png

    3. Navigate to Shavlik Protect Console Service. Right-click on it and select Stop.

    No Partial Results Error2.png

    4. After the Services have stopped, right-click on the Shavlik Protect Console Service once more and select Start.

    5. After the Services have restarted, navigate to your Shavlik Protect Console and run the last scan again.

    NOTE: If this scan is successful and you see machines in your results, then do not continue further, issue has been resolved.

    6. If you are still having issues with machines displaying in the results view and you are getting the same error message, then in your Shavlik Protect Console, navigate to Start > All Programs > Shavlik Protect > Database Setup Tool.

    No Partial Results Error3.png

    7. Click on 'Use an existing database (link or upgrade) bubble if you have an existing SQL database. If you do not, you will need to create a new one with the 'Create a new database' option. Click next.

    8. Make sure you have the correct path to the SQL server in the Server name field and that the Database name is the one you put in originally. The defaults for these fields are shown below:

    No Partial Results Error4.png

    9. For the Authentication method, the Integrated Windows Authentication will use the credentials of the user signed onto the console to connect with the database. If this individual does not have read/write permissions to the SQL database, then they will not be able to connect to the SQL database. Alternatively, you can select SQL Authentication in the drop-down menu and input the username and password credentials if the SQL database is separate from the local machine and the credentials of the logged on user are different than that of the SQL database to authenticate.

    10. Click on Test database connection button to test for successful authentication. If unsuccessful, go back to Step 9 and review how you are authenticating to the SQL database.

    11. If console services require a different authentication to the SQL database, ensure the box is checked for 'Use alternative credentials for console services' and make sure that the authentication method and credentials are correct for how the services will connect to the SQL database.

    12. Click 'Next'. The Database Setup Tool will create a new Protect database and populate it with the necessary tables and data.

    13. Click 'Next' and then 'Finish' once the installation completes.

    14. Navigate to your Shavlik Protect Console and rerun the scan. The error should be gone and machines should no be listed in your Results view.

    Affected Product(s)

    Protect Version: All