Software Distribution Patch For Upgrading Java 7 To Java 8 (Removes Previous Version)

Version 2



    This document provides information about a new software distribution update for Java installation.




    As of XML version, Modified 3/31/2015, Protect now contains a software distribution update that will allow you to push out the installation of Java 8 Update 40 which will also remove any version of Java 7 from the system at the time of installation.


    The initial update is listed in Protect as Bulletin JAVA7U8-45, QJAVA8U45SU.



    Newer versions of the "Upgrade" software distribution for Java will be added when there are new versions of Java.


    To deploy these updates you will need to enable 'Software Distribution' within a scan template.

    See the following document for more information about using software distribution in Protect:

    Protect 9.0/9.1: Software Distribution Best Practices And Informational Guide


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x