Scheduling Patch Scan Result Emails To Users

Version 3


    The purpose of this article is to show how Shavlik Protect can schedule emails to be sent to selected recipients after a patch scan has been done.




    1. To utilize the scan on a schedule and then email automatically feature, you will have to setup a Patch Scan Template under New.
    Email group report1.PNG
    2. Name and filter out the patches that you want scanned under the Filtering tab.
    3. Under the General tab you can select to scan for:

    • Only missing patches.
    • Both missing and installed patches, and an option to include effectively installed patches.

    Email group report2.PNG

    4. Under the Email tab select the report of your choosing that you would like to be sent to your selected recipients.
    5. On the right-hand side either add the members you want to email the reports to by selecting the New Contact button.
    6. If the individuals are already added, select the checkbox next to their name.
    7. They will be added to the Recipients column on the left next to the Report you have selected to verify.

    Email group report3.PNG
    8. Click on Save to save the Template you have created.
    9. Back at the Home view, select the targets you want to run the scan on.
    10. Select the schedule that you will issue. (Note: If on a recurring schedule, every time the patch scan template is used, it will send an email to all recipients on that templates list for what type of patches you scanned for back in Step 3.)
    11. Select the Patch Scan Template you setup from above that will generate the report and you can select whether or not you want the patches to be deployed or not.

    12. Click Scan Now or Schedule. If on a schedule for a later time, the scan will be conducted at that designated time and results will only be emailed once the scan is complete. After the scan has finished, a report will be generated for the selected patch groups on the target machines selected and will be sent to each recipient on the email report lists that you have designated them for.

    Email group report4.PNG

    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect, All Versions