How To: Upgrade Java

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    The purpose of this document is to walk through a software distribution scan to deploy/upgrade to the latest version of Java.



    It is recommended to create a Software Distribution Filter so you can easily select the correct software distribution patch.

    1. Go to View > Patches
    2. In the menu bar across the top click on the "New Smart Filter" button


       3. Set the Match setting to "All", set the first option to Patch Type Description, second to is, and third column type "Software Distribution", without the quotes. See below.



    Once the filter is set up, type Java in the search field to find all software distribution patches offered for Java. You should see a list of all operating systems, software distribution patches are associated with the operating system, not the actual product they install. This is because the software is applied to the operating system and the product is non existent at this point.


    Select the desired version of Java to deploy, right click and add to patch group.



    Create a new patch group and name is accordingly. Depending on your environment you may want to add both the x86 as well as the x64 bit versions. 

    Patch group.PNG


    You will then need to setup a Software Distribution patch scan template and use your newly created patch group to scan only for the patches added to that group.



    You will need to ensure the Software Distribution tab is set to scan for software distribution.



    Once the scan is created you can scan your machine groups with this template and deploy Java to your machines.


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    Understanding the difference between the types of patches within Protect. Please review the document below for more information on patch types.

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    You can use the following document before the software distribution to uninstall all versions of Java.

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    Additional Information


    When using Software Distribution scans, only machines that have a lower versions of Java are detected as missing. For example if a machine has Java 8 update 25 installed a Software Distribution scan would not pick up Java 8 update 40 as missing. This is because the actual update will need to be applied to update the product, software distribution is to install new software.


    **Note: These steps can also be taken for any software within Protect.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x