'Resolve Machines To Scan' Error When Adding Virtual Machines Through Directory: Access Is Denied

Version 3



    The purpose of this document is to help resolve an error found when you add Virtual Machines to a Machine Group through the Directory after clicking on Workstation Virtual Machines tab in the new Machine Group.




    In the Operations Monitor when the process gets to Step 3: "Resolve machines to scan" outputs Attempted: 0; Resolved: 0; Failed: 0 and a hyperlink to "View errors" appears.


    Resolve Machine to Scan Error1.PNG

    When you click on the "View errors" hyperlink, you see a message of "'driveletter:\ (Offline VM Directory) in Machine Group 'machine group name' failed because: 'Access is denied'" error.

    Resolve Machine to Scan Error2.PNG




    The issue may come up due to not having permission rights to the drive or directory where the Virtual Machine files reside. An additional cause to the issue may be from trying to specify just a drive to act as the directory to where all the Virtual Machine files reside.




    1. Navigate to the drive where your Virtual Machine files reside.

    Resolve Machine to Scan Error3.PNG

    2. Double-click on the drive where all of your Virtual Machine files. Right click anywhere in the white space under your Virtual Machine file folders and go to New and then click on Folder. Name your new folder by an appropriate name.

    3. Select all the Virtual Machine file folders that you want to be included into the new parent folder and then click and drag them into the new folder to move all the files.

       (Note: files in use by other programs cannot be moved. They must first be closed out of by applications using the Virtual Machines before their location can be moved.)

    Resolve Machine to Scan Error4.PNG

    4. Once the files have been moved into the parent folder, go back into Shavlik Protect and in the New Machine Group window, select the 'Workstation Virtual Machines' tab and then enter the path to the directory of VMs with the new parent folder added

    5. Check the 'Include all VM's in all sub-directories' check-box.

    6. Click on the 'Add Directory' button.

    Resolve Machine to Scan Error5.PNG

    7. Set Admin credentials and other options as necessary. Click the 'Save' button.

    8. Run a new scan. Machines should be able to resolve now.

    Resolve Machine to Scan Error6.PNG


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x