Asset Scan Reports Do Not Report On Internet Explorer 9 Or Above

Version 3



    When running an asset scan report for software inventory, Internet Explorer does not report on versions later than IE8.




    For asset scans Shavlik uses a WMI call to the machine to get a list of installed software. Starting with Internet Explorer 9, IE is now embedded into the Operating System and no longer reports when running a WMI query. In turn Shavlik is unable to report on IE versions later than IE8.




    As a workaround you can run a report based on patch scans instead. As seen below you can select only IE products to report on using the advanced filtering.






    Additional Information


    In order to see what Shavlik asset scan and inventory report should show you can run either command directly on a machine to get the output.

    • Get-WmiObject win32_Product  | Select Name,Version,PackageName,Installdate,Vendor | Sort InstallDate -Descending| Export-Csv C:\installedapplications.csv
    • wmic product get /format:list > C:\system_Software_%Computername%.txt


    Affected Product(s)


    Protect 9.x