How To: Create a Shavlik Patch Account for Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center 2.2 or lower

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    Shavlik Patch requires that administrators input an account that validates their subscription to the full catalog file. This account is a protect cloud account and can be created at This article explains how to set up a Protect Cloud account for Shavlik Patch and verify it has full access to the catalog file.




    Creating a Protect Cloud Account


    To create an account for Shavlik Patch, users will need to go to On the main page, under the login portion, click Register Now.

    Fill out the requested fields as shown in the image below, and click Create Account.



    Verifying your Shavlik Patch Account


    Once registered, login to verify that you have full access to the catalog.



    To verify that your account has full access, once logged in, under the Shavlik Patch tab make sure that you have indication of your subscription as in the image above, and that these .cab files are available for download. If you do not see a subscription and/or see only the trial .cab file, you will need to contact Shavlik Support to make sure your account has been given rights to the Shavlik Patch catalog.



    Once you have verified you have full access to the catalog, you need only input the information to Shavlik and verify your Shavlik Patch account. To do so, in the Shavlik Patch plug-in for SCCM, go to Settings and select the account tab.


    Shavlik Patch account.PNG


    After inputting the email registered with Protect Cloud and your associated password, click verify and you should see confirmation of your access to the catalog.


    Additional Information


    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center User's Guide


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    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center 2.2 or lower