Patch Scanning And Deployment Best Practices Guide (Agentless)

Version 4



    This document provides best practices and guidance on scanning and deploying patches with Shavlik Protect. This will cover how to properly use many features of Protect so that you can successfully perform patching, automate patch tasks, and have a better understanding of the patching abilities of Protect.


    Best Practices


    The best practices have been broken into different sections. Follow the links below for each scenario/category.


    Verifying Requirements and Initial Setup


    Verifying and Updating Patch Definitions


    Configuring Patch Scan Templates and Filtering Options


    Configuring Patch Deployment Templates


    Successfully Running Agentless Patch Scans & Deployments




    Patch Tuesday Survival Guide and Best Practices



    Additional Information


    There may be additional best practice information in the Best Practices Guide from our online documents.


    A Zip file containing these guides as well as all referenced documentation (other than Microsoft links and videos) is attached below if you prefer to have a downloaded copy of all necessary documentation to get started and successfully use Protect for patch scanning and deployment.

    [See attached "Patch Scan & Deployment Best"]

    Note: Files in attachment last updated 4/7/2015.






    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x