The Scheduler On Machine <name> Is Not Available. (Error 1244) "Upgrade Scheduler Now"

Version 2



    When attempting to view or manage scheduled tasks via the Shavlik Scheduled Task Manager (Manage > Scheduled Tasks) you see the following message(s):


    The scheduler on machine '<Machine Name>' is not available. (Error: 1244)

    The list of jobs currently scheduled on the remote machine is unreadable.


    Upgrading the scheduler will allow you to view scheduled jobs.


    Attempting to 'Upgrade scheduler now' results in the following error message:


    The scheduler on machine <Machine Name> is not available. (Error: -2080374779)

    The list of jobs currently scheduled on the remote machine is unreadable.


    Upgrading the scheduler will allow you to view scheduled jobs.





    Error 1244 means the Scheduled Task Manager does not have any of the correct information about the target machine's Shavlik Scheduler, specifically the private key information. The private key does not exist on the target yet so it needs to be created. When a Shavlik Scheduler is installed on a machine, we store information about that machine and create private key for console to and from scheduler communication. If the machine is cloned or renamed it is basically a new machine that the console knows nothing about and the private key does not exist or is invalid. Currently Shavlik is unable to do anything to fix this because this is a process run by the Windows OS, but there's no feedback being given from Windows OS during this process.


    Additionally, both errors seen above may also occur if scheduler components on the Protect console system are at a newer version than those of the target system, or if the encryption key is out of date or incorrect on the target machine.




    Workarounds are available:


    If the issue is only taking place on one or two systems, you can use the steps in this document to uninstall and re-install the Shavlik Scheduler, which should clear up the issue:

    How To: Uninstall & Reinstall The Shavlik (ST) Remote Scheduler Service On A Single Machine


    If the issue is taking place with many systems, you can use a custom action to remove the scheduler on multiple systems. Refer to this document:

    Custom Action - Remove the Remote Scheduler for Protect version 9


    These documents contain extra troubleshooting information that may prove helpful in this scenario:

    Scheduled Task Manager pops Error: -2080374779 - Upgrade scheduler now

    Scheduled Deployment Fails To Run - AcquireCreds failed: 0x8009030d


    Additionally, because the Shavlik Scheduler may use the SYSTEM account, it may help to ensure that the SYSTEM account has full rights to this folder on the client machines:



    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x