Agent Threat Engine Creating Many SBS_STDRL Temp Files

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    You see a large amount of 'SBS_STDRL_xxx' files within the C:\Windows\Temp directory.






    The Shavlik Protect Agent uses the Vipre engine and definition files, managed by ThreatTrack. They stated that these files are used internally for debugging the definitions. When they are testing new definitions they enable the debug flag and these files get left so they can be checked. When they release the definitions they disable the debug flag. If you are seeing these files in your temp directory, it means that someone [at ThreatTrack/Vipre] forgot to switch the debug flag off before releasing the production definitions.


      Please Note:

    • These files will not harm your computer.
    • This has happened very rarely and should not be a commonly seen issue.




    The files can be deleted.


    However, there isn't any built-in mechanism that will automatically clean them out. There are a couple methods in Protect that can help to automate the deletion of these files:

    1) You can use a built-in ITScript in Protect to clean up temp folders:

    Shavlik Script Catalog: Remove Temp Files

    How to Execute a Script


    2) You could use a custom action to handle deletion of the files. Here are a couple helpful documents:

    Custom Action - Delete Specific File

    Custom Action - How to work with Batch Files


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    This document was generated from the following discussion: Vipre creating thousands of SBS_STDRL temp files


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x